Day 04, Tuesday April 13, 1999

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Photo Richard Konkolski

At 12:45 a.m. local time (0345 GMT) defeated Brad Van Liew reached Punta del Este with his dismasted boat. If he could have his boat, with a new mast, back in the water in 12 to 13 days he could make the finish in time. But no longer would he be competing for second place. Instead he was in the running for third place, competing against Russian Viktor Yazykov. Viktor was 23 days behind Van Liew because of a time penalty for arriving late to Charleston at the start of the race last September.

In the morning at 0940 GMT, Giovanni Soldini passed Marc Thiercelin and took the Class I lead. He was finally able to ease his sheets. Giovanni was doing a fleet-best average speed of 12 knots. At the same time Class II leader Mike Garside was holding a slim two-mile advantage over J.P. Mouligne. Viktor Yazykov was in third, about 50 miles behind JP.

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Soldini's Fila Photo Billy Black

Mouligne was sailing along the Brazilian coast at good speed with a southwest wind of 20 knots. He was finally, after a difficult start, feeling better and getting in the groove. "The first 2 days were among the most difficult sailing conditions I have ever encountered and I feel lucky to have kept my rig.", he sent.

Neal Petersen was trailing the fleet 15 miles astern of Paladin II, but closing the gap. His water ballast tank on port side was leaking badly, dumping its contents into the bilge. He had been pumping out water every 2 hours and filling ballast.

Neil Hunter reported: "The seas and wind slowly settled down yesterday though we still have a fairly brisk puff from behind. A little bit of rain and not much sun but at least we are back on course and not beating our brains out. Saw a fairly large ship last night that came reasonably close. I had my active radar detector on which picked up nothing. It is really annoying that many ships do not run their radar, even at night, and more so, I have noticed, in these waters."

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Class 1

Place Skipper Boat Latitude Longitude Dist. to go Speed Dist. to first Time
1 Thiercelin Somewhere 28 53S 045 40W 5085 8.9 0 2140
2 Soldini Fila 28 50S 046 01W 5092 8.6 7.6 2140

Class 2

Place Skipper Boat Latitude Longitude Dist. to go Speed Dist. to first Time
1 Garside Magellan Alpha 28 50S 046 51W 5119 9 0 2144
2 Mouligne Cray Valley 28 32S 047 32W 5129 9.4 10.6 2144
3 Yazykov Wind of Change 29 37S 047 43W 5183 9.3 64.7 2144
4 Saito Shuten-dohji II 31 24S 048 28W 5292 7.9 173 2144
5 Hunter Paladin II 31 50S 049 19W 5339 6.3 220.1 2144
6 Petersen No Barriers 32 34S 048 11W 5341 7.7 221.9 2144
7 Van Liew Balance Bar 34 57S 054 56W 5668 0 360.3 2144

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