Day 21, Friday April 30, 1999

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Photo Richard Konkolski

By the end of the day both Class I boats slowed down below 10 knots speed. Soldini had 1294 miles to go to Charleston with second placed Thiercelin 422 miles back. In Class I, Giovanni Soldini had slowed to 10.7 knots and still had 1,388 miles to Charleston. Thiercelin should get better wind conditions during the weekend and he could cut some miles from Soldini's lead.

BBFilaStearn.jpg (22393 bytes) Soldini's Fila Photo Billy Black

Over 550 miles back behind Thiercelin, Garside was leading Class II fleet. He was doing almost 0.5 knots better than Mouligne, who finally got out of the Doldrums. Mouligne happily reported: "I am moving fast with an Easterly wind of 20 knots. Not much sun and a very wet ride but it's pure pleasure moving at 13 knots in the right direction after being virtually becalmed for 3 days."

BBCrayValleyDetTop.jpg (23320 bytes) Cray Valley Photo Billy Black

Viktor Yazykov also gained some speed. He left the Doldrums behind his stern and was doing over 10 knots. His departure from Doldrums was not easy, as he described in his email: "What a night was the last one. At the sunset we have been caught by some small black cloud. It only looked like small. Four hours of gusty wind, wind shifts, tacks and jibes, crush jibes and rain like a waterfall. Broken lazy jacks, boom crashed to the cabin roof, pitch dark night. Fully reefed mainsail was too big even to sail downwind. Ended up with such a thunderstorm I have never experienced at sea before. We did sail fifteen hundred miles already without a pilot at this leg in addition to six thousand of the first leg and three and a half thousand from Madeira to Charleston."

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Class 1

Place Skipper Boat Latitude Longitude Dist. to go Speed Dist. to first Time
1 Soldini Fila 20 00N 060 12W 1294 9.7 0 2140
2 Thiercelin Somewhere 14 16N 055 43W 1716 9.3 422.1 2140

Class 2

Place Skipper Boat Latitude Longitude Dist. to go Speed Dist. to first Time
1 Garside Magellan Alpha 08 55N 050 33W 2158 13.5 0 2144
2 Mouligne Cray Valley 06 44N 047 55W 2361 13.1 203.7 2144
3 Yazykov Wind of Change 04 21N 040 40W 2772 10.1 614.2 2144
4 Petersen No Barriers 02 17S 038 16W 3153 5.4 995.2 2144
5 Saito Shuten-dohji II 02 13S 037 12W 3195 4.5 1037.1 2144
6 Hunter Paladin II 03 58S 035 18W 3349 6.9 1191.8 2144
7 Van Liew Balance Bar 11 25S 034 18W 3852 7.9 1694/5 2144

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