Day 31, Monday May 10, 1999

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There was a frontal zone close to Garside’s position. The south-southeast wind was on one side and light east-northeast wind on the other side. Since Garside was farther north than Mouligne, he should get out of the way of a line of developing squalls much faster and Garside might also benefit slightly over Mouligne as winds would pick up a bit on Tuesday. But in general winds for the leaders and the rest of the fleet could be around 8 to 15 knot range for the rest of the week. Nothing would be easy, not even finishing.

Mouligne was already fighting with a line of squalls and it was highly improbable he would be able to catch Mike, as he could see for himself judging by his report: "I am 430 miles from Charleston and I have lost all chances to catch Mike Garside before the finish. My last opportunity was the high-pressure system that lies between Charleston and us and I was hoping that Magellan would come to a stop. I was then ready to sail South of the Bahamas to go around the high and into the Gulf Stream. It would have been a risky maneuver without the proper charts but I was ready to do it, if I was sure that it would have given me a chance. Unfortunately it looks as if the high pressure system is more East than anticipated and both Magellan and I are able to skirt it by staying well to the west of the course."

Mouligne was 231 miles behind Mike and almost four hundred miles from the finish. The third-placed Viktor Yazykov was 568 miles behind Mouligne and catching up. The fourth placed Minoru Saito, who was able to pass Petersen, was now almost 750 miles behind Victor. The last boat, Paladin II, was 1710 miles away from the finish line.

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Class 1

Place Skipper Boat Latitude Longitude Dist. to go Speed Dist. to first Time
1 Soldini Fila Charleston 0 0 0 0 0
2 Thiercelin Somewhere Charleston 0 0 0 0 0

Class 2

Place Skipper Boat Latitude Longitude Dist. to go Speed Dist. to first Time
1 Garside Magellan Alpha 30 09N 078 41W 163 4.4 0 2144
2 Mouligne Cray Valley 27 01N 076 01W 394 4.3 230.9 2144
3 Yazykov Wind of Change 22 06N 066 12W 962 7.3 799.1 2144
4 Saito Shuten-dohji II 14 38N 055 33W 1710 2.3 1546.9 2144
5 Petersen No Barriers 13 45N 056 20W 1713 4.7 1550.4 2144
6 Van Liew Balance Bar 12 09N 056 30W 1777 8.9 1613.8 2144
7 Hunter Paladin II 13 43N 052 35W 1873 4.8 1709.9 2144

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