Marc Thiercelin

BBThiercelinFace.jpg (17517 bytes) Foto Billy Black

Date of Birth:        29 October 1970
Nationality:           France
Yacht Name:         Somewhere
Yacht Length:       60’
Yacht Designer:   Groupe Finot
Sponsor:               Somewhere

He was studying cabinetmaking and design, and later served as artistic director for an advertising agency in Rio de Janeiro. He went on from there to becoming an illustrator for Kenzo and Cerruti in Paris.

He started amateur racing in 1970, then started to teach sailing in 1975 and participated in the creation of sailing school for children, which he directed from 1983 to 1993.

Thiercelin began to race seriously in 1990 with La Nioulargue. He placed twelfth in the 1991 Mini Trans-Atlantic. In 1993 he placed sixth in the Doublehanded Trans-Atlantic, then took fifth place in 1995 Figaro and second place in 1996-97 Vendee Globe. He circled the globe in just over 113 days, only five days behind veteran solo-circumnavigator Christophe Auguin.

Marc Thiercelin represents the latest French solo challenger.

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